Sep 292013

Biography Information: This super beautiful actress was born in the London, England and definitely got remembered in her role of Game of Thrones. There she is an dragons mother and really often nude nude Daenaerys Targaryen. She totally got remembered with her fully nude body that she is showing of there.

Before her brake out she had role in the episode of Doctors, but it seems that no one remembered her from there. Her role in the Game of Thrones was so powerful that she got nominated as the Best Television Actress of 2011. All in all can be said is that she deserve that, cause she was that good in there. If some one still have not watched Game of Thrones, you are missing a lot.

She says that her life have changed totally after the success in the show, but it all did not come easy and took a lot of work to this dream to come true. She feels that she have much common with her character Daenaerys… they both started as young naive girls and learned a lot during the road. She have lived so much in the character that it get hard to get out of it when out of the stage. All in all can be said is that it is really bright future waiting for this talented young actress.

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