Nov 062013

Just recently there were a really huge update with the Playboy amateurs and fresh faces, here we are just a couple days later with another super hot update, presenting all of you another fresh face and gotta say she is damn cute one too. This week was pretty good what comes to new models, since there was like every day some new chick appearing from various magazines, hope that the rate of those keep the same, as it is starting pretty boring without the freshness. Lately i have also been pretty good surprised with the work that Playboy is doing, since mostly all galleries have been pretty good in quality and the babes top class.

Only downside that i do not get is, why in blue hell they all keep doing themselves an big implanted boobs, there is like every other now that have that body part pumped up to enormous sizes and unfortunately here is pretty much same thing. Too bad, since this model is really beautiful, but the silicons look unnatural, no matter how well you do them, well maybe on some rare cases they might look good, but that is rare. Beside those, she have tattoos on her body, actually lots of tattoos all over her body, they look good anyway… She also have an pretty good looking ass and it look really tempting in those undies. She also have an shaved pussy for this set, well almost all of the girls from this magazine get their pussy shaved, well it is popular these days and we are far from the 90s where all the women had big bush down there, well that was pretty overboard too. Hope that you like the set, as think this is far from over for her. It is most likely that in matter of weeks we will see more from her and be sure to check us back for the updates.

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